w. 5 

the space is altered 
part of ‘appearing unannounced’
put together by Sathit Sattarasart
Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Studio, Chiangmai

inkjet roll, ‘orbit’ metal strap
dimensions variable

The work is part of ‘appearing unannounced’, as a part of Painnale 2018, a group exhibition based on the idea of change, inconsistency and transition within the structure of a space. In the context of daily life, the phrase ‘appearing unannounced’ refers to the arrival of unconfirmed guests, an unexpected occurrence triggering ripples of change. The exhibition ‘appearing unannounced’ focuses on the idea of transition, change and the investigation of possible repercussions of change manifesting in artistic strategies and techniques, ranging in subject matters from materiality to the sociopolitical. All the artworks will be integrated into the studio space. As the exhibition runs in the background, the studio will be active and continue its working situation. During the 4-month exhibition period, viewers are welcome to visit and see how the exhibition gradually changes with the usage of the studio.

Entering a location, of which they have no knowledge or experience, in order to create a relationship, one must first understand the location which one enters into—not so that one can assume a passive role of adaptation but rather an active engagement in negotiating the terms of the relationship. In the forming of the relation, both will necessarily change as both are conceived in relation to the other. As a person comes into being in the context of the locality, so too does the locality in the context of the person. And this repeats itself.