w. 7 

engineered ruin
TheTip, Frankfurt am Main
15 - 28 December 2018

I was wandering through the house, trying to find a clock. After searching for a while, I became conscious of the possibility that time had passed. To frame the moment, it is as if something in the instance could have been, but was not to be. The shape of now shifts between the past and future, something I sensed only afterward. Without the clock, I am left clueless to the indication of time.”

The piece examines the contemplative act of looking, to envisage upon, or to confront the presented. The vitrine functions both as a window and a barrier, framing the scene while reinforcing the notion of the unattainable via the established ‘official distance’ of the glass. The isolated space within could encapsulate either a scene from the past, or a fictional foreshadowing of the future to come. Without any indication, the conjured image is left to remain in an interior where dropped dead birds and tacos are, hence, objectified.


floor-plan printed on feather
dimensions variable

11 photographs played on iphone’s slideshow,
iphone with broken screen, cable, charger
dimensions variable

Can I Keep You? (Casper your bestfriend)
UV printed flag
dimensions variable