always coming home 
stainless steel chains
dimension variable

Installation view
“How Far, How Close” 
Aranya Art Center
October 29, 2023 - February 25, 2024

Curated by guest curators Leo Li Chen and Mijoo Park, with the assistance of Gao Liangjiao, curatorial assistant at Aranya Art Center.

Photography: Sun Shi

curatorial text:

Pam Virada's installation disrupts the Atrium of the Aranya Art Center with a chain curtain that divides the open-air and enclosed areas. Shaped to resemble a sectional view of a house, the installation resonates with the artist's practice of recreating homes as models, drawing attention to the intimate spaces derived from old floor-plans. The understated yet compelling partition invites to contemplate what lies on either side, it serves as a border that divides the space, but it does so in a gentle and soft way. The delicate curtain beckons to physically engage with it and serves as a symbol of domesticity, creating a sense of enclosure while acknowledging the emptiness conveyed by its sparse permeability.