The Mirror  

exhibited with Diego Diez at:
Mertens Frames Project Space by Plan B, Amsterdam

works visible from outside

It is a cliché, but time flies. It feels like yesterday when we moved here around 4 years ago, when there was almost no point in being outside of the city and we were discussing if things would change in the area, but we had it clear, and we knew it was the best for our future, now our present. After us, many found this area interesting, and many keep moving here, but it is maybe the time to move to that neighborhood that saw us grow and keep building from there. Although things have changed a lot this year we will miss the Sunday pancakes with our friends and their children, the pizzas around the corner, and the amazing opening of the brewery a few minutes away. And when we were lazy, the runs to the shop on the corner to buy some more beers before they would close. Now things will be easier, or that's what we hope but we will never forget the great challenges that brought us all the way here and made us be who we are.

Thanks for everything, friends.
Family brouwn - möller

tel: 06 2007 5386 

I feel a certain closeness to it’s appearance.
(and disappearance)


mirror and charcoal

Cries and Whispers

watercolour on moving boxes
with sound