w. 9 

part of ‘Common Traces’
TCB art inc., Victoria
4 - 22 December 2019 

UV print on 2 wooden boards,
laser engraving in 5 crystal cubes

wooden boards: 36x54cm
crystal cubes: 5x5x10cm

We exist in a multitude of intersecting structures that are not always visible at first glance. The work is part of ‘Common Traces’, which highlights the continuous process in which different realities are fabricated through the reciprocal relationships between common history, personal experience and the flow of image. This process leaves traces and residues from the decisions and actions that were made.

What we can trace may conform to the remains of this fabrication; the residues we grasp from the variability of social reality, the impressions of the invisible structures that surround us and shape us, or the hints of a place that no longer exists.

The artist in Common Traces intersect their own subjective experiences with the collective structures and spaces; to look for slippage in reality in an attempt to make sense of the uncertainties and the unknowns.

For the work, the screenshots from the film 'The Time To Live The Time To Die' (1985) functions as a two-dimensional representation of a frosted window looking into an ambiguous domestic space. On top sits a representation of broken vases in 3-dimensions. The installation explores the multiplicity of relations that mediate between the real and the image. Reality has receded behind media images, as fiction and fact occupy the same plane of representation. The vase, or 'simulacrum' presented as sculptures or 'film props' in the rise of the age of simulation, in which a hyperreality of simulacra governs visual culture.