Pam Virada
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installations –

1Window: To See a Parallel Place, 2015
2Three-Cornered World, 2016
3Consultation Only, 2017
4Memory Palace, 2018
5Memory Palace (sections), 2018
6the space is altered, 2018
7clouded, 2018
8engineered ruin, 2019
9find me a house, 2019
10Props, 2019
11Of Mice & Men, 2019
12dragonfly, peppermint, autumn sky, 2020
13Jade, Sea, Room, 2020
14The Mirror, 2021
15We’ll meet in a Clearing by the Magic Mountain, 2021
16Passing Through, 2021
17Descendant (spine 1), 2021
18No Transcendance, Only Immanence, 2022

publications —

1Dwelling on Emptiness Part 1: A Catalogue of Ideal Houses
2Archive of Collective Archetypal Reflections
3Instant Realities
4Dialogues with Memory Objects
5appearing unannounced: catalogue
6Possessed Architecture: Ancestral Hauntings in Confucianism

films —

1Casting a Spell to Alter Reality, 2020
2Clouds Obscure then Blow Away, 2021
3Prelude: Points of Departure, 2022

4นิราศสีชัง / Sonnet for Si Chang, 2022


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Dwelling on Emptiness
Part 1: A Catalogue of Ideal Houses



A tribute to one of Superstudio’s 12 radical fantasies of urban planning: 12 Ideal Cities (1971): The 11th City, City of splendid houses.

Citizens of ‘City of splendid houses’ sole aim is to possess the most beautiful house. Its society is self-contained, propelled by their yearnings.

Fragments of personal collection images of Virada’s ideal houses are cataloged in collages and photomontages form. These secluded yearnings of owning the entire collection may reflect the society’s collective reverie of excessive ownership. Through the looking glass of capital consumerism mentality, the question is raised; is being able to own all a utopia or a dystopia?