Descendant (spine x)
Clay, beads 

exhibited at
Open New Window
3FL 469 Phrasumen Rd. Bowonniwet Phranakon, Bangkok

curated by expensive to be poor

Descendant (spine x), appears to dangle from the ceiling, but at the same time, we are not sure whether it is the object itself that is standing in support of the space. Descendant (spine x) is part of Virada's ongoing project where she creates lines of beads out of industrial materials and clay, which may amass in the future.  

Descendant (spine x)
metal chains, found glass, glass balls, beads
dimensions variable

exhibited at
Housewarming: Activations for a new location
de Appel, Amsterdam, NL

Resembling a suncatcher, the work mirrors and responds to the available light sources within the space, including sunlight and the projector’s light intertwining them to form constellations. This process incorporates remnants and ruins of history, resulting in a tapestry of multiplied temporalities and fractured zones.