pam virada

installations –

2015 - 2019

1.1windows, 2015

1.2three-cornered world, 2016

1.3consultation only, 2017

1.4memory palace, 2018

1.5dusk, 2018

1.6clouded, 2018

1.7engineered ruin, 2019

1.8find me a house, 2019

1.9Props, 2019

2.0Of Mice & Men, 2019

publications — 

2015 - 2018

2.1Dwelling on Emptiness Part 1: A Catalogue of Ideal Houses

2.2Archive of Collective Archetypal Reflections
2.3Instant Realities

2.4Dialogues with Memory Objects

graphic design — 

2017 - 2019

3.1A Flowery Cry of Birth

3.2An Artist is Trying To Return to Being a Writer

3.3The City As Tapestry

3.4In Situ From Outside: Reconfiguring the Past in Between the Present

3.5There Are More Monsoon Songs Elsewhere

3.6Gender in Southeast Asian Art Histories and Visual Cultures: Art, Design, and Canon-Making?

3.7Animistic Apparatus

3.8Footnotes on Institution

3.9The Smell in The Air After The Firecracker Has Gone Off

4.0appearing unannounced